List of Monuments of National Importance in West Bengal

This is a list of Monuments of National Importance (ASI) as officially recognized by and available through the website of the Archaeological Survey of India in the Indian state West Bengal. The monument identifier is a combination of the abbreviation of the subdivision of the list (state, ASI circle) and the numbering as published on the website of the ASI. 133 Monuments of National Importance have been recognized by the ASI in West Bengal.

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(i) Bijoy Vaidyanath Temple (ii) Giri Gobardhan Temple (iii) Gopalji Temple, (iv) Jaleswar Temple (v) Krishna Chandraji Temple (vi) Lalji Temple, (vii) Nava-Kailasha Temple (viii) Pancharatna Temple (ix) Pratapeswar Siva Temple in Rajbari compound (x) Rameswar Temple, (xi) Ratneswar Temple (xii) Rupeswar Temple




ii) All ancient structures, all tombs stone monument remains and inscriptions within the area enclosed by the said walls