Miss Satine

Miss Satine Burlesque real name Silvia Sorrentino from Palermo, Sicily, a multi-faceted artist and Italian showgirl, also known in Italy and across the world (America, France, London, Switzerland, Germany Russia, Australia) for her Burlesque character „Champagne Glass“,. Miss Satine’s style resembles the sensual pin-up style performed and interpreted by the spectacular Dita Von Teese.

In 1991, Silvia made appearances minor roles as an actress in Independent films. She appeared on local networks advertising in Sicily, eventually landed a role with a prestigious production in the file La Piovra5″, made an appearance as an assistant in a program for children on a local Sicilians Station, and was a magazine cover girl for the night colorful Sicilian television „Canale 46“ In 1992, she recorded her first record of songs for Pongo Publishing.

From 1993 to 1998 she worked as a dancer and stripper in various local clubs in Lombard. Miss Satine began to stand out for her unusual, humorous, and sensual performances.

In 2000, she worked as a presenter of events for several Fashion shows.

In 2007, she worked on the English BaBy Stations.

In 2008, she worked in the video of Malika Ayane „Sospesa“ in the guise of a woman vintage.

In 2009, she landed a small role in the Hollywood film „The International“. The same year she appeared for the first time as a Burlesque Stripper and won the audience’s attention. This led her to design the „Great Cup of Champagne“ and officially becomes Miss Satine.

In 2010, she won her first starring role in the film „The Breath of Laura“, directed by Christian Arioli. She played the role of Micky in a dramatic short film „La notte Dentro “ in support of abused women. She is asked to lead the program „Play“ for a Quiz TV Channel in Italy for five months.

In 2011, she wrote „,“ her official biography,. Her book received several reviews from critics and the famous writer and presenter Andrea Pinketts who made the books first official presentation validating her work as a writer. She played the role of co-star, Alina, in To Paradise, directed by „Anis Gharbi“. During the same year, she left for the U.S. on her first American tour as a Burlesque performer.

In 2012, she represented Italy at the „Ohio Burlesque Festival“ Cleveland. Her second tour took place in 2012 at the „Red Palace“ in Washington DC. On her return from America she is hired as a guest star by the Casino of San Remo, along with Corps de Ballet of the first ex-dancers of the Moulin Rouge and the winner of Italy’s got talent Stephen Shoe. She plays the role of co-star, Noah, in the independent film Black Fairy Tale (Seneca Productions). Later in 2012, she represents Italy at the Paris Burlesque Festival coming in 3rd place and winning the title of „Princess of Burlesque“. This event, triggers the attention of newspapers and television as a result she was elected „Queen of Burlesque Italian““.

In 2013, playing the role of Sarah as the lead in the thriller „The House of Silence.“. She writes and publishes in two languages (Italian and English) her second book, a collection of interviews and biographies of the stars of Burlesque Dita Von Teese, Immodesty Blaize and Camille 2000. She plays the role of an assassin in the dramatic film „it:Connections (segment Kokeshi)“, directed by Paolo del Fiol. She is transformed from killer to heroin in the American comic book „Venus“ a provocative and courageous heroine femme fatale Miss Satine turns into the Heroine to protect the most vulnerable, produced by Red Skye Comics. Due to popular demand she appeared at Burlesque Festival (Red Carpet, St. Louis), the Colorado Burlesque Festival (Denver), the Summer-lesque Pittsburgh, all Internationals Burlesque (Moca DC, Washington DC), and the „Kubrilesque“.

Backed by the success in America, she returned to Italy devoted to share the passion for Burlesque as her idols inspired her like the classical models Americans Dirty Martini, and Orchid Mei. In 2013, she organized, the first festival International Burlesque in Italy called the Italy Queen Burlesque Festival, dedicated to the professionals of the sector and to new emerging artists. Later in the year, she organized a charity event in honor of Dixie Evans, for the „Dixie Evans Week“ (NY). In October 2013, she released her first single „Miss Satine“ in English for the Multiforce.

In April 2014, she receives a double win for best performer and best costume and scenic presence at the Miss World Russia Burlesque. In June 2014, she represents Italy at the world’s most important festival expo known as the Australian Burlesque festival.

To date, Miss Satine has been performing as a well known Burlesque dancer and regarded as an actress and author of her first autobiographic book as mentioned by „Burlesque Bitch“. Her first book is available on Italy eBay, at Saperepopolare, and LaFeltrinelli. Her second book is available online at Quanta Roba and Burlesque Bitch. She also receives the support of Burlesque agency „Star Spettacoliamo le Bluebells and commends 12 different acts and is featured on the front page of the Australias Australian Burlesque Festival site presented by Green Fairy and is mentioned as a pin-up girl. Marco Petrelli wrote an article this year featuring Miss Satine for GQ Italia. She can also be seen featured in Sky Magazine in Italy. In October 2014 she is become a sponsor of a football team in the national championship uisp, the Miss Satine FC as a spokesman against femicide. In December 2014 in Charlotte in North Carolina Miss Satine wins the special crown „Plus Big Mamma’s choice “ At the international big festival The great southern exposure Burlesque organized From Big Mamma’s production In 2015, represents the Italy in the largest festival Rockabilly in the world “ Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend“. In August 2015 Miss Satine (Silvia Sorrentino) was Nominated for an Oscar at the Fantastic Horror film festival in San Diego USA for Best Leading Actress for the Short Film Kokeshi